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About Cuisine Tech

We source the precise versions of complex ingredients that modern chefs seek.

The Intersection of Technology and Gastronomy

Contemporary chefs seek to expand the boundaries of cuisine by combining great traditions and new ideas about food. They train with great chefs and develop a profound respect for the classical tradition. They also interface with food technicians, farmers, and scientists to learn how new developments can build on their culinary foundation. Chefs sometimes struggle to find a convenient source for new ingredients that are common in mass production but not found on kitchen shelves.

Cuisine Tech brings chefs and their ingredients together. We bring high-tech gelifiers, emulsifiers, starches, fats, and sugars to your shelves in convenient packs.


We Listen

We listen as leading chefs tell us about the new techniques that excite them, and search to find the ingredients that bring life to their ideas.


We Source

We source the precise versions of complex ingredients that modern chefs seek, and develop packaging that fits their food service mise en place.


Chefs Excel

Chefs can readily source reasonable amounts of key ingredients that enable their newest creations to arrive at their dining room table and excite their guests. 

Putting the ingredients within your reach to make your culinary inventions within reach too.

Contact Us

Talk to the Cuisine Tech product experts. Here to answer questions, provide technical support, and offer recipe recommendations.