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Cuisine Tech

The Intersection of Technology and Gastronomy

Cuisine Tech is your complete source for technical and modern cookery ingredients. Functional ingredients like binders, stabilizers, and emulsifiers provide the landscape for science to meet flavor.

Yellow Apple Pectin

A polysaccharide from plant cell walls. Creates a slow set and spreadable gel texture.

Great for use as a gelifier for pâtes des fruits and glazes.

Thermo-reversible Pectin (Pectin TR)

A polysaccharide from plant cell walls. Low methylester and derived from citrus fruits.

Perfect for use as a gelifier for pâtes des fruits and glazes.


Indulge in the delightful world of handmade fruit gummies and edibles, where the perfect gelifier provides the desired texture. This unique ingredient ensures perfect texture and consistency, transforming...
If you’ve ever read the ingredients label on a container of yogurt, ice cream, or cream cheese, you may have wondered what, exactly, is something named after a swarming insect doing in there? Rest assured,...

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